A Toolkit to Help Busy Moms Spark Their Energy and Light Up Their Life

Use Your Own Inner Light To Access Your Unlimited Potential And Find Your Unique Path 

Inside the 7 Lanterns of Light toolkit you will:

Trained in the Shamanic energy healing traditions of Peru, Classical Feng Shui, and Kundalini Yoga, Jodi believes that breathing, moving, and spending time outdoors is the secret sauce to growth and creativity and to meeting life with curiosity, clarity and courage.


She founded LUMINLY for women who feel that something is both calling them forward and holding them back and are looking for a practice and tools that can help them move past the barriers, access their potential and create truer and more potent lives from a place of inner guidance and Knowing. 

Jodi created the 7 Lanterns of Light toolkit to help you bring awareness and intention to your energy and its influence on your ability to meet your fullest potential.