Imagine And Create A Truer, More Beautiful Life From The Inside Out

Discover how to activate your natural potential, elevate your energy, and shine light on your path ahead with clarity, confidence, and creativity.

Does this sound like you?

When you feel disconnected from the current of your life, from what you know is possible, you aren’t living a quality life.

Imagine if you could tune into your inner energetics and simply be yourself…

When we operate from a place that focuses on the external world, we come from a place of “doing” rather than an internal state of “being” where we are connected to our true self, our natural intelligence. The external “doing” world is also the world of fear, self-doubt, anxiety, separation, invisibility, and judgment.
Moving from a focus on the external world to cultivating your inner journey creates physiological shifts to an open state of curiosity and clarity where you can use your internal compass to see your unique path and act with creativity in your life.

Here’s the thing…

But awareness without action gets you nowhere, and no one can do it for you.


When you open the door to your intuitive self on a daily basis, you can create a healthier, better-balanced life that is more in tune with your true identity.

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” -Rumi

It’s possible to…

I’m Jodi, founder of LUMINLY

and I believe our human superpower is to use head, heart, and hands in concert to think, feel, and act in elevated and dynamic ways. When you combine that with the inner energetics and resources we have as part of the natural world, magic happens.
I invite you to join me for a 15-day journey that will guide you from your head to the heart of your creative spirit, awaken your dreams, open your eyes to the power and meaning of your natural potential, and shine a light on a life of meaning and purpose.


The LUMINLY Lantern Walk

A Movement, Breath and Meditation Journey To Activate Your Inner Energetics

The LUMINLY Lantern Walk is a 15-day inner journey that builds step-by-step from your foundation in the natural world, your dreams, talents, relationships to self and others, and the ability to imagine what is possible so you can tune in to who you truly are and the natural potential in your life.
The transformational LUMINLY Movement, Breath, and Meditation practices gently guide you from the head to the heart of your creative spirit so you can connect with your natural intelligence, activate your potential, elevate your energy, and shine light on your path ahead.

By the end of your online course, you will have a framework and practices that you can use to see in new ways, address internal blocks with confidence, clarity, and compassion, and map a clear pathway for creating in any area of your life.

“Whether it be the need to immediately shake off some stagnant energy or get clear on your bigger journey, the Luminly experience will help you gain the clarity and inspiration to take those next steps with newfound confidence.”
Susannah Searson

Here’s How We’ll Activate Your Energetic Journey…

Sunday, September 11, 2022 – Sunday, September 25, 2022
Each day is a step on the LUMINLY path of Potential, a path of Growth and Contribution. The journey begins with the Inner Journey of Connection, elevating and cycling through the Outer Journey of Creation, bringing your deepest creative impulses, interests, and talents to the world.

Schedule ...

SUNDAY DAY 1: LIVE 90-minute interactive Zoom gathering

LUMINLY 22-minute Movement, Breath, and Meditation Experience
Grounding & Becoming Present
Accessing Potential & Finding the Flow
Activating Inner Resources & Lighting the Fire
Connecting & Transforming
Listening & Hearing the Wisdom
Seeing with Vision and Possibility

SUNDAY DAY 8: LIVE 90-minute interactive Zoom gathering

LUMINLY 22-minute Movement, Breath, and Meditation Experience Welcoming the Mystery
Crystalizing the Light
Voicing the Vision
Opening the Heart
Committing & Contributing
Cultivating Meaning & Purpose
Trusting the Journey & Walking the Path

SUNDAY DAY 15: LIVE 90-minute interactive Zoom gathering

LUMINLY 22-minute Movement, Breath, and Meditation Experience

Cycles, Seasons & Celebration

Here’s What Makes This Journey Different…

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Digital Experience

This one-of-a-kind virtual experiential approach creates a new way to provide a personal path to inner knowing and physiological change.

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Natural Intelligence

Meditation and movements based on nature allow you to connect to YOUR true nature through the natural world– that’s the magic of LUMINLY.

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Inner Energetics

Elevate your energy and eliminate blocks so you can clear the path, activate potential, and see the possibilities.

Plus Grab These Bonuses…

Bonus 1: Grounding Energetic Breath Meditation (Audio)

Fortify your foundation for growth and expansion with this easy 2-1/2 minute meditation (Value = $30.00)

Bonus 2: LUMINLY Walk & Talk Conversation (Audio)

Jodi Riviera and Luminary shaman Molly Maguire discuss the importance of developing our relationship with the natural world to create potent lives (Value = $40.00)

Bonus 3: A Set of LUMINLY Guiding Principles for Growth and Elevation in Your Life (PDF)

Luminly’s universal principles are simple yet profound, reminding us of the deeper truth of who we are and the journey we are on.  (Value = $20.00)

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Bonus 4: Diving Deep (Audio)

Enjoy an original LUMINLY song that reminds us to use our breath to go within and listen for our own inner wisdom (Value = $10.00)

What’s Included…



Enrollment ends on September 10th, 2022


2 Easy Payments of $125


1 Time Payment of $222


100% Money-Back Guarantee

Sign up today, and if you’re not happy with what you’re learning and show that you've engaged with the content and homework the first 7 days, you can request a full refund.

What Alumni Shared...

“If you wish for a 20-minute practice that will give you a fully integrated, immediate access, mind, body and heart moving meditation that will leave you restored, renew your faith and open your heart, look no further... you just found it.”
Mya Kramer
“Right from the beginning there is a strong invitation to commune with nature and self. There is quite a catching alchemy where I am forced to be present even though nothing seems forced at all.”
Julie Herrback
“Luminly is a transportive journey that takes you inside yourself to open and align all your energy centers.”
Melissa Berman
“The experience led me from self-consciousness and mind thoughts to a place of inner peace and awareness of what surrounds and holds me.”
Marcy Summers
“Luminly is a new and approachable movement-based meditation. It's an easy way to insert a bit of self-care in your life. If meditation and yoga haven't been your thing, try Luminly.”
Jen Jerde

Meet Your Inner Energetics Guide

Jodi founded LUMINLY for women who feel that something is both calling them forward and holding them back. For women who are looking for a practice and framework that can help them move past their barriers, access their natural potential, and create truer and more potent lives from a place of inner guidance and knowing
A global trend forecaster and serial creative entrepreneur, Jodi developed the LUMINLY practices to amplify her personal journey. Trained in Kundalini Yoga, Classical Feng Shui, and the shamanic energy healing traditions of Peru, Jodi believes that breathing, moving, and spending time outdoors is the secret sauce to growth and creativity and to meeting life with curiosity, clarity, and courage.
LUMINLY’s immersive, guided, nature-inspired moving meditations (think forest bathing meets silent disco!) connect you to your inner wisdom, spark your potential, and light up your life.
The LUMINLY philosophy is based on the understanding that as energetic beings, our light shines the brightest when all aspects of our human nature are activated and aligned, free of blocks that diffuse our light and impede our resonance.

In Case You Have Questions…

Begin Your LUMINLY Lantern Walk Journey Today!

Enrollment ends on September 10th, 2022


2 Easy Payments of $125


1 Time Payment of $222